Shuhari Self Defence


Female Self Defence Maidenhead
Friday 8th March 2024, 19:30 - 21:30
(Age 16 and over)
Larchfield Primary School, Bargeman Rd, Maidenhead SL6 2SG
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This International Women's Day, embrace the spirit of empowerment and self-protection with a unique opportunity. We at Shuhari Self Defence, dedicated to fostering strength and safety for women, are thrilled to announce a FREE Female Self Defense Seminar. The event aligns with International Women's Day, celebrated globally on the 8th of March, underlining our commitment to women's personal safety.

Why Self Defense Matters

In today's world, self-defense is not just a skill; it's a necessary tool for women to navigate an environment where safety can never be taken for granted. This seminar is more than a physical training session; it's a transformative experience that builds confidence, awareness, and the ability to protect oneself in various situations.

What to Expect at the Seminar

Led by experienced instructors, our seminar is designed for women of all ages and fitness levels. Participants will learn practical self-defense techniques and strategies to avoid and survive dangerous situations. More importantly, the seminar will focus on how to react effectively if avoidance is not possible.

Celebrating International Women's Day

International Women's Day is not just about acknowledging the achievements and struggles of women globally; it's also about taking actionable steps towards equality and safety. Our seminar aims to contribute to this global movement by equipping women with the skills and confidence needed to stand strong in the face of adversity.

Subjects we will cover in the seminar

  • Awareness & Avoidance
  • Pre-emption & Impact
  • How not to be picked as a target
  • De-escalation & Escape
  • How to deal with domestic Violence
  • How not to get mugged
  • How to survive knife crime
  • How not to freeze when confronted
  • How to deal with a taller, stronger & heavier attacker
  • Release from grabs
  • How to avoid getting taken down to the floor & how to survive on the floor
  • Legality of self defence
  • Self Defence in vehicle or public transport